Central Qld





Calliope River Historical Village


The Village’s several historical buildings, many of which contain specific collections, include:

  • Raglan Hall–built around 1933 and used for dances until 1990
  • Curtis House–went from Mt Morgan to Mt Larcom, then to Machine Ck and finally to the Village as the Caretaker’s House
  • Hazeldean Church–built in 1933 on Hazeldean Station, closed to services in 1990
  • Clyde Hotel–built in 1870s near Clyde Ck, closed as hotel 1950, 1983 donated to Gladstone Vintage Car Club who relocated it to the Village


Barmundoo Homestead–Purchased froom the Qld Govt in 1994 and relocated to the Village

The Larson Cottage–Built in 1900 in Kin Kora for the Larson family, who operated a dairy farm supplying Gladstone. Note the typical Queensland open stud exterior construction on the verandah.

Location:  Bruce Highway, Calliope Qld 4680. For more information.